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Celebrity is not Cerebral watering down Somizi’s hubris

There is an old folk tale about a clever little hare who managed to get a lion’s costume and therefore ended up convincing some hyenas to be it’s subjects forcing them one by one to jump into boiling water every single day for his ready made meal. He would during the day take off his costume and dance around shouting that he  was a little hare. One day he got seen by a baby left home who told the elders who set a trap for him. I have a serious problem on how our society has elevated celebrities beyond their station, giving them the idea that they are Lions when they are little hares dressed up into Lions. We give so much credence to famous people and try to shape our society to follow or listen to them but does dancing/being an idols judge, acting, playing soccer give people the mental authority or capacity to build a nation. Famous footballers, boxers and actors have tried politics but does South Africa need to treat celebrity as its nation builders.

In Somizi’s rant about the church he attended, I not even being Christian although I belong to an Abrahaimic faith I find it staggering the amount of publicity it has gathered and the resulting furore. We live in a democratic country where there is freedom of association and worship. Our constitution Section 15 states that everyone has the right to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion. This section also allows religious observances in state and state-aided institutions, provided they follow public authority rules, they are conducted on an equitable basis and attendance is free and voluntary; and provides for the recognition of religious legal systems and marriages that are not inconsistent with the Constitution. Section 31 protects the right of persons belonging to a religious community to practise their religion together with other members of that community, and to form, join and maintain voluntary religious associations.I believe. So we go to church where they will say that those who do not believe in Christ are heathens and shall go to hell, If I as a muslim go there freely then I have no grounds to complain because I have chosen to voluntarily associate with that message, same as a Christian who will go to a Mosque and hear the word kaffir (non believer not the derogatory racist conversion) and then storm out in rage. The message had its setting and so are many differrent messages as long as they are not used to spread hate so those who go to a strip club should not complain about the goings on in there or to a ritual etc etc. If you have voluntarily attended a certain association with clear rules and articles of faith you cannot complain about the message.

The rant precedes with ” Some Pastor from Africa”, really a man feeling discriminated wants to describe his discrimination through some ignorant discriminatory derogatory allusion? What is “Some Pastor in Africa” and what does it take from the man. Does this make him less human? Where are we? I thought we are in South Africa south being geographical location and Africa being the place. So what unintelligent aspersion is being cast by our “famous dancer or reality show host or is it struggling radio show host”. It shows the hare brain in the Lion mask again. Whatever issue he has he cannot then try and belittle Africa as if he is not African. No one gave notice to that prefix because we believe we are not in Africa and therefore not Africans but we have recently come through phases of xenophobia and statements like that tend to categorise and desensitise people to people from other African countries as people. Would our hare in a Lion suit describe a European pastor as some Pastor from Europe? Is someone from Africa a view-less person? Are their opinions lesser? It shows the erratic approach of people that are given platforms far beyond their reasoning capacity. Yes fame is fame but you cannot call a well known Bishop some Pastor from Africa because you did not agree with him.

I have always harbored a thought that we have given our country the wrong foundation and we keep encouraging it. Our obsession with the fame and concomitantly the famous has led to the misdirection of our youth. Yes we may agree that television, arts and sports careers exist but we cannot be a country of dancers or Idols judges. We are creating an unrealistic environment where we put forward areas where a few can succeed as the main areas of inspiration for our youth. We do not listen to industrialists but want to stand on two Bentley’s like Casper forgetting that the branding and marketing behind him is probably someone educated. We should stop giving undue credit to entertainers because their role is just that to entertain. They can front campaigns because they reach the masses but we need to decrease their roles in spaces of inspiration and leadership. We hurriedly want to claim Charlize Theron but why not claim Elon Musk. We need to become productive industrialists and inventors, researchers and producers to grow our economy for us to afford to pay for Dancers. It is time we place our researchers, professors,entrepreneurs and the like on the Platform of inspiration. Let us not delude ourselves that hares are Lions. Celebrity is not Cerebral.


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Meeting Morgan my reality versus the Myths.

So a few weeks ago I had an opportunity that arose quickly and unexpectedly, it was to meet one of the most well known African politicians, a person who strode between a hero and a disappointment to me, a man whose courage I admire and whose perceived cowardliness I also abhor.., a former Prime Minister, a respected hero to some, a stooge of the west to some, a failed politician, a hope for a nation, a failed regime changer just to illustrate the multiple views of the President of the MDC T Morgan Richard Tsvingarai. From afar I had developed opinions that are shaped by thousands of Newspaper columns, Tv Interviews and my own flawed analysis which made this meeting for me a very interesting opportunity given my self proclaimed nationalist and democracy activist status.

The meeting was in one of the restaurants in Johannesburg South a place of our own choosing, indicating how the man is currently lying low on the security radar given sometime ago he had been robbed in Johannesburg. I was slightly late for the meeting so I arrived to find Save seated with a small group of Johannesburg based small business owners. I walked over and went through the formalities of shaking hands and greeting with the President of the MDC. The first thing I noticed was how ordinary the man looked and behaved from the initial greeting and his processing of the introduction I was being given. Late I was I joined into the midst of the conversation which would obviously be political.

The image of Morgan Tsvangirai widely circulated is that of a buffoon with little or no intelligence. I would not like to name myself an examiner of intellect but as we probed and interrogated his views on the political situation and the forthcoming plebiscite he showed a great grasp of facts and reality. I would like to comment that I found a conversation with him engaging, informative educational and full of intelligence. It was a far cry from the teaboy/ form 4 jibes that have been thrown at him or a few red carpet incidents used to whip us into believing the buffoon narrative.

Everyone who knows me will know I am a very argumentative fellow. It was therefore amazing that I was afforded the opportunity to argue and interrupt with this man who has been through a lot. Obviously one of the most famous opposition leaders in Africa has sat at tables with Greater Men, with Greater titles, greater accolades, and greater wallets but in no way was I made to fill small inadequate or unreasonable. He listened to my points, asked for my opinions, listened to  and asked for suggestions. I can see how people can grow egos sitting next to this man, he lets people speak, listens to them and reaches a consensus of opinion. Having sat in meetings with man of various level of success I know how opinions and ideas are shared by those that love to wield power and authority. When I met Morgan I came with the feeling that he is a leader who allows those around him to flourish.

I will not go onto detail on the things that were discussed for that will be taking advantage of a chance meeting. I am not a reporter or a member of the MDC just a concerned citizen and unofficial member of Zimbabwe’s pro-democracy environment. It is hard to judge a man from afar and a two hour meeting cannot be an ultimate answer but I left with an impression of a man whose own personal PR has not been done well. When we look for leaders we would want leaders who give others room to grow. One famous oft repeated trait of Mandela was his inclusiveness borne out of his villager roots. Not in a way comparing the two but I met a leader who can absorb people’s concerns and opinions. He is the only opposition leader capable of garnering enough votes to defeat Zanu Pf. So in 2018 as we all hope for a united opposition we would do well to place our trust in Morgan Tsvangirai. He might have been defeated/cheated a few times but there are so many African leaders who have spent a lifetime in opposition and eventually won. I have had a chance to interact with a few in the opposition circles and I think the MDC as to lead any coalition.

My opinion of the man definitely changed, I will not agree with some of his decisions especially the wounds of 2008 made sore by the current events in Gambia. I will also say we judge the man too harshly from the binoculars of spectators without being in the trenches. The revolution is never perfect there are numerous things that the MDC needs to get right as a people’s movement. There has been obvious simple failures to make a difference in areas that they govern but if we need a democratic progressive nation we  need to start with the humility of Save. I have met fewer man as humble as Morgan, I would like our freedom to start from the base of such humility. I will also hasten to admit those that have met Robert Mugabe have sweet things to say about him too.


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State of fear: Why Zimbabweans deserve their government.

There is a shona saying that literally translates to , “Where their stomachs are hit is where they rush to.” This can be likened to an occurrence akin to the Stockholm syndrome where the abused falls in love with the abuser/kidnapper. I make this observation with resigned indifference to the national reaction to the grand theft of dollars perpetrated by the introduction of  the so called Afro Exim backed Bond note which in reality is the Zim dollar hidden behind the finger. For months people have been agitating and pontificating about how they would not accept the bond note but as soon as the notes where introduced like the well beaten dog they folded their tails and qued, embraced and secretly complained about the bond note.An attempt to protest against the brazen illegality only gathered a few hundreds and the rest that fear the pain of the baton stick but can tolerate the pain of hunger and unnecessary funerals brought by grinding poverty and inadequate state infrastructure stayed away preferring to brave the rain,  heatwave, the cold and the night waiting to withdraw whatever the Bank was going to issue out. It is no wonder why the Zanu Pf regime can do what they want, they have instilled enough fear and the cowards that make the Zimbabwean populace are willing to die many times before their death.  So why did only a few hundred try to protest the theft of their money?

People either look in awe or with disdain at the likes of Patson Dzamara, Fadzayi Mahere, Promise Mkhwanazi, Linda Masarira and their ilk who have tried to march and protest against the illegal acts by our government. It is the same as years back when the likes of Madhuku, Tsvangirayi and co where protesting. We either buy the narrative that its a money making donor fund raising project or attention seeking charlatans. The narrative is never cognisant that even the Chimurenga was foreign funded by the likes of the Chinese,Cubans (Salute Cde Fidel), Russians, Yugoslavia etc etc. Trying to dissect this disdain because people can make money out of a cause is simplistic blindness to the adage that the end is justified by the means. Pro Democracy activists will be supported by Democratic forces, communists by Communist forces, Muslims by Muslims, traditionalists by traditionalists and so on and s0 forth.  My main point though is that the aforementioned are doing something they are at the forefront of the struggle. It is not the place of the oppressed to judge those that are fighting for communal rights but it is a matter of joining in if we desire freedom. Demonstrations have proven to work elsewhere so do we say demos don’t work in Zimbabwe or the lack of participation by Zimbabweans causes the failure of demos.

One of my most enduring images of the power of Demonstrations remains the fall of the Serbian leader from the helm of his Yugoslavian regime. The man was famed for his iron grip on power through the use of a brutal secret police and brute military force. In the end though a lasting image in my head is the soldiers guarding the parliament fixing white flags on their bayonets and inviting the protesting masses into parliament to end the reign of a brutal regime. Activists in  Yugoslavia were routinely arrested, murdered, tortured and harassed but when an election was stolen people decided to rise up and claim their freedom. I draw parallels from far away Serbia because I was looking for a brutal regime and trying to dispel the power of the baton stick over the power of the masses. The reason why the riot police can brutalise those protesting is because of the numbers that come to demonstrate. People are content in private complains but are not brave enough to come in their numbers to face the might of the police. The day 30 000 people pitch up for a demonstration is the day the riot police will fail to yield their baton sticks. We have seen the power of mass protests in the Arab spring, in taking down Shinawatra and Suharto. There were deaths in some places but in most cases as the numbers get bigger the military or police will side with the people.

In Zimbabwe tales are told of a taxi or bus being commandeered by one policeman/warvet/cio etc to a police station for the occupants to go and receive a beating for expressing political opinion. So many stories are moved around to perpetuate the cycle of fear. We have seen the beatings of 2002/2008 and even recently after protests. All these have instilled fear in the people. Ask yourself though protests used to work before, stay-aways before companies were destroyed, the food price riots of 2008,the UZ led demos for a lot of activities. The government has been responsive as long as a large block of protestors has acted. The Zanu Pf regime had a long term plan of oppression and they kept all the colonial laws that supported repression. The one thing that they have ironed out is fear and it seems the fear was planted a long time ago. The biggest factor in most protest movements is the student movement worldwide. I wonder what has happened to the student movements currently. They have spawned most of the current opposition leadership but why aren’t they a source of strength anymore.

Freedom always comes at a price. There is no peace in Zimbabwe because the current economic climate is not a peaceful situation. Some people have used nerve gas to murder people, in Zimbabwe its simple economic strangulation but the end result is the same lots of deaths and suffering. People are dying because of lack of medical care, villagers are dying of hunger, infrastructure is crumbling down as if the country is being struck down by bombs as in Aleppo. At the end of the day we may be told that there is peace that is being safeguarded but in real terms more people are dying in Zimbabwe because of the prevailing conditions than in other countries where guns are being  fired. I am simply opining that as long as we fear threats of war, beatings and jailings we will deserve what ever comes to us. We will bury our relatives, cross crocodile infested rivers, starve, loose all our savings because they have tested our will to say No and discovered that it only needs a baton stick to make us comply. Elections shall be rigged because we will not protests the illegal acts.  Whilst we stare at others developing, whisper in our corners and get scared of terms that sound illegal like regime change our stomachs will be beaten. They live to their 90s and the rest of the population the life expectancy is 37. If we do not want what is happening to us Zimbabweans must gain courage to stand up, if the majority don’t then we deserve bond notes, we deserve bearer cheques, we deserve no electricity, we deserve no jobs and we dont deserve freedom at all. We don’t have to remove a government but we can remove injustice by loosing fear. It is never a crime to stand up for your rights, freedom fighters where called terrorists before, the current leaders were labelled as such but right is right. Regime change agents can be label they use but if the regime is unjust changing it cannot be a crime. If elections were not free and fair the power derived from them deserves to be challenged.



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The pursuit of Recovery, how we could float in the rough currency.

As the unwelcome news of the birth of the unwanted abortion resistant reserve bank scion named Bond note has been proclaimed by the powerful pro-claimer of laws, I have tried to find an angle far from the futile resistance song a lot have been crying. First of all I do not support the bond notes and the way they have been issued and the thin veil that has accompanied their impending launch. However hate them or love them we have to live with them just as we have lived with their siblings the Bond coins. How could Bond coins function effectively?

If the government has from nowhere developed a conscience and earnestly wants this to work it can probably solve the liquidity problem and inject life into a moribund economy. It is folly to imagine unselfish interest from the kleptomaniacs that have governed Zimbabwe from its birth, but for a moment if we were to cast out all our aspersions and apply ceteris paribus theorem and assume that there will be no rampant looting but a true genuine effort to solve a big problem. So I am going to assume a government not bent on financing the budget deficit by printing bonds. A government that will not be lured into printing money but limiting the existence of Bonds to the US 200 Million of the said facility. The reason for the Bond notes unlike other needs for money would be to simply facilitate the transaction motive. So the first factor for bonds to work would be a willingness by government to not print out money to solve their budget deficit.

The demand of Forex would have to be limited severely and thus there would have to exist fair and strict foreign exchange controls. The Instrument S1(64) banning the importation of basic commodities would be the one step towards the creation of a domestic manufacturing economy curtailing the need to use foreign exchange for pure consumption. The question is do we have enough domestic produce to meet demand, can local industry be able to supply our local vendors with our daily requirements. I think Zimbabwe is not far from being able to produce basic goods that can replace what we import. They may be  cost push inflationary effects but if the local producer is paying salaries in bonds, selling in bonds and paying for domestic inputs in bonds then the bond would have a point of circulation. For Inputs that need to be imported manufacturers would be allowed to apply for Forex and pay for their inputs. It would be akin to other normal economies. So from a policy point of view S1(64) and bond notes could be complimentary.  If implemented correctly Bond notes could actually stimulate domestic production and result in the opening of closed industry and the creation of jobs. The rationing of Forex would have been geared for priorities like medicine, manufacturing equipment and far away from consumption ie Luxury cars/foreign trips,domestic goods and services.  The creation of a domestic production and consumption market would have to be managed to prevent rampant profiteering and exploitation. Those with a taste for foreign goods and luxuries would have to pay the higher price associated with excise duties and Forex purchase requirements thus reducing the demand by higher price.

The other factor is the simple willingness of people to be responsible citizens and stop being greedy. Already people have started creating a parallel market where cash is sold in exchange for transfers. If there is a change in ethical behaviour by the citizens and economic parasites that rely on contacts to exploit gaps are not allowed to thrive by not having a responsive market. They key to this is by limiting illegitimate access to resources by the banks, banking system and government so that there is no special treatment for big shots, ministers, presidents and people of political or social influence. If there are proper financial controls that can prevent the mushrooming of the black market, and laws are put in place to prevent the corruption of burning money then the bonds could have a desired effect. So instead of the Police wielding baton sticks they could be tasked with preventing the corruption, a system should be created where the formal economy is able to provide Forex to those that need Forex. Bureau de changes and bank departments should have mechanisms to work in regulating the allocation of resources. The question is are we as Zimbabweans an ethical society? Can we forget self interest and have national interest? Can we abandon the mistrust we have in the regime and give bond notes to work.

One more  factor we have to consider is that this is a real currency and the government should stop hiding behind nomenclature and allow for the currency to be viewed as such. The first thing then would be to let the currency float and not fix it. We have to accept that there is no way we can have a bond note that is equal to a dollar. If the government can let free market forces work and the bond finds a relative and reasonable exchange rate then they should let it be. Controls create black markets but if it floats in the formal market and the supply is controlled then it could get to a real rate maybe something like 1 to 200 with the US Dollar. If the market is aligned enough and purchasing power parity is observed hyper inflation can be prevented. The problem is the government is not being forthright and thus ambushing the aware will result in what the government is trying to prevent, a preemptive counter attack and a fast fall.

I know this is a wishful post, we are not dealing with a government that believes in sane decisions and their strategy already speaks of skulduggery. If however there was a concerted effort to address liquidity and boost the domestic market Bond notes could work for a domestic market. It all depends on the reasons for the creation of Bonds being legitimate and genuine. We however cannot discount the existence of the patronage system that Zanu Pf runs in both the private and public sector. So in theory bond notes could work if only the implementation is in the best interests of society.



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Applauding the Dancing Fools, Marching for failure

There is a Shona saying that literally translates to ‘ One who has a fool knows that they have  a fool and when the fool dances madly they ululate”. This saying kept ringing in my mind as the thousands of Zanu Pf Hordes where marching a fools march in a protests against protests. The ruling party decided to show that it has poplar support by busing in praise singers to March against the people. In it they said they were marching for a delivering government. Zanu Pf controlled state media Herald the march as a show of force, and so does the ruling party, ignorant to the bare naked facts of the unemployed youths singing for the proverbial supper. The praise from both sides would aptly describe Kudzana kwebenzi.

There is no illusion that Zimbabwe is in a right royal mess, and there is nothing to disguise the fact that the source of the problem is a 36 year old regime. I have always stated and will always continue to say so Sanctions or no sanctions the government could have and should do better than they are doing. Countries like Libya and Cuba managed to survive under real sanctions and provide basic services. It bamboozles the mind therefore to see people march through potholed roads, on hungry stomachs, past non functioning traffic lights and protest against those calling for a better life. Is it possible that they are people who enjoy the suffering or are they gluttons who only think of today and forget about tomorrow.The backslapping and chest thumping accompanying the so-called massive show of support should be an embarrassing indictment on failed leadership.

So what does this show of force mean? Does it mean that the government is against the people, any section. Elections result in someone winning the vote to govern a nation, a whole nation not a section of the nation. So our government wants to govern only a particular praise singing group which goes against the constitution that the ministers and civil servants swore to uphold. It should not be heart warming to any government to cloud its eyes against the suffering of the masses because a particular section of society is against them. Instead of orchestrating protests a sensible government would listen and respond to the concerns of its citizenry whole heartedly. It’s clear that the only thing the people in government see and value is their power therefore they resort to protecting the only thing they value and focus on shadows instead of addressing legitimate concerns of the citizens. Why then does a president want to deny a fellow citizen their citizenship, and why does a government think they are the only Zimbabweans with opinions of value.

It is said the Zanu Pf youths claimed that the President is being disturbed from delivering on his election promises which he is already delivering on. What is he delivering on? 2 Million Jobs? Food Security? Social services and Poverty reduction? Infrastructure and Utilities? These are the key elements of ZimAsset the program and agenda that Mugabe promised. None of these have been achieved or is being close to be achieved instead there has been a severe regression and conditions have worsened. I wonder who takes the role of the fool if this was a play the praise singer who believes the underachieved as achieved or the achiever of non achievement. I will leave the answer to those celebrating their momentous show.

I wonder in whose interest it is to pull wool over the eyes. Is this blind short termism what we want in our government. If there is anything to tell is we are going nowhere slowly and we will keep repeating the same cycle of verbosity accompanied by inaction. Those that celebrate the march or those that march in support are all dancing to a mad tune, and lets all remind them that they have failed and they are failing. We need our questions and concerns addressed by our government. This flag is Ours, This Zimbabwe is ours.





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Ignoring the storm clouds, not building the Arch the slow slide to a dictatorship drowning.

There are a few times in history when the leadership of an unpopular organisation are given warnings by the people and fail to heed them to their own detriment. When the truth is staring at them in clear expression they turn creative novelists and script dismissals pointing fingers at third shadows or ignoring legitimate   opinions on whatever myopic basis they choose. Saddam Hussein before the fall of Baghdad was still bombastic, so was Gaddafi before Tripoli fell, ditto Milosevic before his vaunted army turned rifles into white flag-posts to usher in democracy. I know politics involves a lot of spin doctoring but does the Zimbabwe government really believe the lies they craft and that brute force is an eternal solution to governing the people.

It is interesting to note the fermentation of theories about third forces and regime change agendas when people are simply asking simple questions that can be given simple answers. Instead of concentrating on solving simple problems the government has begun digging its ears in the sand and trying to pull wool over the eyes of the people. A simple question like where is the money that is supposed to be in the banks cannot be answered. No one steps forward to state that the government has borrowed the money by issuing bonds that they cannot pay as they have over borrowed and that the continuous hair brained policy of continued budget deficits has created a huge shortfall . It’s a simple question that would anger almost anyone everywhere but alas the people of Zimbabwe should be immune to anger and accept that the money is not in the bank and blame it on the sanctions, whilst burning or freezing in ques. The question people are asking are legitimate and Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans so any Zimbabwean should ask be it a farmer,asylum seeker,Diasporas, pastor or vendor.

The other issue that was raised was the firing or taking action against those that are corrupt. This is an issue that the government can address but instead the government addresses non-existent third forces. We recently read about an irregular 200 000 dollar transaction involving the Technology minister and the irregular payments authorised by the energy minister on top of already preexisting scandals. Even the attention seeking Lumumba exposed how easy it is to milk the government and the nation when he began to dig deeper after his fallout with Zhuwao. It is clear to all and sundry that corruption is rampant in the government and why then does the government not come out clearly and unequivocally condemn corruption. Instead those questions are not answered only the mythical third force is what the government can come up with. Tweeting ministers even proceed to ridicule and label people because of their affinity to religion. Is it possible though to deal with corruption or the government is so inherently corrupt that dealing with corruption is akin to cutting of the gangrenous body parts and in this case cutting of the whole regime thus we hear shrill screams of regime change. Is removing corruption removing the ZImbabwean government?

The new import restrictions which are ill-advised and threaten a relationship with a larger trading ally are also a bone of contention.Protectionism is a measure that comes too late given the state of the nation’s industry which needs heavy investment, the current measures will simply result in shortages and huge price increases. The economy having been decimated and people being reliant on informal trade the government refuses to listen and try to prevent foreign currency outflows, I even wonder if we should call it foreign currency as the question arises foreign to who? I have read statistics that one of the largest source of government revenue is the Beitbridge border post raised through tariffs. For a government that is almost insolvent and failing to meet its recurring expenditure this measure is another foot shooting exercises. The banning of imports threatens the livelihood of thousands who survive on informal trade but also forces people to buy inferior products at a higher prices when real wages are falling.  An ignorant minister tweeted that the recent protests in beitbridge was fermented by the loss of income by business on the south African side. A theoretically satisfactory opinion it might be but it exposes how far removed these leaders are from the realities on the ground. It is the same minister who was gleefully tweeting about the fall of the rand and yet there is a growing clamour for use of the same rand. A cursory look at the commodities that have been banned show that all goods of ostentatious value were spared. Saving foreign currency outflows would be better served by banning the importation of luxury cars, the use of long convoys that guzzle imported petrol, the banning of foreign travel rather than a direct attack on the poor. The question arises therefore is why is the government at war against the people and why do they keep attacking and ignoring them.

There is a theory that the West is after Zimbabwe’s natural resources or influence. Zimbabwe that is moving with a begging bowl everywhere and it would be easy for anyone to just offer trinkets for influence or for resources. There would be no need for a third force to a government that is so vulnerable to the point of selling itself to any bidder be it IMF,France,Britain, Algeria or anyone who can offer them relief from total failure. It is a question of who needs who, do the protestors need a third force or does the government need rescuing.

The vice president snigger at a million dollar house and prefers a presidential suite, the other vice presidents insults demonstrating citizens, the president calls unpaid civil servants ungrateful. There is a certain blindness in terms of seeing the reality of the situation that befuddles the mind when it comes to the government of Zimbabwe. For every problem they prescribe horridly wrong solutions and constantly make policy missteps. When the people demonstrate and stay away from work it is not because they are being sent by someone else it is because of real issues that affect them. The government will instead try to blame it on a third force. They have known that the coffers are running dry and have been begging from the East to the West. Isn’t it time that they recognise that they are unmitigated failures and therefore allow fresh input from others. As the coffers run dry a time within the next three months is coming when there will be no money t pay soldiers or riot police when that time comes some people will be dragged through the streets of Harare. Forewarned is forearmed and instead of blaming third forces or ridiculing protest movements its time to face the truth and be a Noah and build an arch or be a Lot and leave Sodom. I read with surprise an article by Manheru critiquing the youth and the use of social media for the type of protestor birthed by this Flag movement. This flag is our Zimbabwe and if the protestor is young or old they are still Zimbabwean and the duty of a government is to listen to all its people not to isolate their opinions as cyber minority.  Change will come voluntarily, change will come by force, change will come with time but Change will come third force or no third force. If the government of Zimbabwe had any interests in the people they would listen to them instead of trying to shut them up.






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Unfit to Govern : The Ignoramus title that Zanu Pf holds

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is defined by Albert Einstein as Insanity. In 2008 Zimbabwe was faced with total collapse, and the government had no clue on how to solve the problems excerpt to loudly berate sanctions. Between 2008 and 2013 after the native intelligence of Thabo Mbeki had engineered a face saving Government of National Unity under an MDC finance minister the economy was in a solid and healthy state, under the so called archaic but very prudent we eat what we kill mantra. The question then arises after the constant refrains of agony from Robert Mugabe about the handicap that was the unity government hampering him from implementing his economic policies why the catastrophic boomerang back to 2008 . I was expecting from my own tinted view a legacy restoring economic revival under his “excellency” as I mistakenly credited  the  President with a real love and care for the people of Zimbabwe not just the Power, I assumed was going to hand over the reigns by 2018 and would try to restore the glory of his good name as the once famed Liberator and man of reconciliation. In my imagination Billions of diamond money was in a chest somewhere to be unleashed to finance a great leap forward and rebuild Zimbabwe only to sadly learn 3 years later that approximately 15 Billion has disappeared. Instead we find ourselves three years after the Nikuv fueled landslide election victory another serious economic meltdown with a clueless government still loudly proclaiming a worthless untested, unused and due for incineration concept inaptly named ZimAsset instead of ZimLIability/ZimDisability and singing the same old sanctions song. It is quiet clear from an observation point of view that only one factor has been constant in the strangling and destruction of the Zimbabwe economy and the finger strongly points at the ruling party who have misruled Zimbabwe for 36 years now. They simply display total ineptitude at the art of governance. Ronald Suresh Roberts penned a book about Thabo Mbeki Fit to Govern I will dare say where he to analyse Zanu PF he would conclude Unfit to Govern, Fit to Fight or Loot.

The nation is in the claws of a crippling cash shortage, which without any foresight the reigning rulers could not see coming and belatedly try to douse the flames with an extinguisher of worthless wads of paper named Bond notes.  Thinking that a medium of exchange can solve problems is a problem itself as money maketh not the economy. Instead they should start looking at the causes of Capital flight. Incoherent policies and political posturing can be considered a key factor. Robert Zhuwao spent a year threatening to take over foreign owned firms. Natural human reaction after the farm seizure fiasco some as recent as in 2015 would dictate that any foreign business owner would try to protect their investment. It is therefore clear that the panic induced by that threat would result with any businessperson worth his salt simply divesting from his Zimbabwe business. He would choose to strip assets and liquidate them to cash, reduce working capital requirements by reducing stock and debtors therefore remaining with one liquid asset in the form of cash which he would then simply take away.  This is a simple effect of the throttling of a patient in ICU. The patient being the Zimbabwe economy and the throttler being a policy that is not workable for a fragile economy.

“History repeats itself because no one was listening the first time.” I do not know who to credit for this quote but again this applies to the Bond note scenario. In an effort to replenish the cash reserves (again an ill thought cure of symptoms instead of the disease) the reserve bank announced the issuance of Bond notes. The nomenclature itself reminds everyone of a stop gap measure called the Bearer cheque. People then rushed to withdraw their savings in order to prevent the disappearance of their meagre savings, and a return to the Casino economy were gazillions of value disappeared in a day. The announcement itself was ill timed and served as a warning to be would victims of a known killer to run. My mind though says if Zimbabwe claims to have gold reserves to back up this Bond note not the mythical 200 Million facility why not make gold coins. If we could go into history and have money of real value, then it might be prudent to mint real silver, real gold in the right proportions. I would gladly exchange my $1 for ¼ gram gold coin and so on and so on. I am no reserve bank governor or economist but maybe Platinum, silver and gold coins would make a comatose economy tick and may be a good store of value.

In the face of shortages we get the government accusing people coming to fish away US dollars from Zimbabwe as if Zimbabwe can be the only source of the note. It is another amazing head in the sand ideology that people are coming to get Dollars from Zimbabwe hence currency shortages, a belief that people store their wealth in dollars instead of unit trusts or shares on various bourses. Dollars are flying out of Zimbabwe because everything in Zimbabwe through DE-industrialisation caused by poor government policies like the ill-fated price controls and other disastrous mechanisms meant to create a command economy with inadequate thought. The key to everything would be to return to productivity by encouraging industry to operate again. The destruction of the farming industry means there is a lack of raw materials and the lack of innovative minds means we are stuck moaning effects of drought as if drought is a new thing to Zimbabwe. Ways to irrigate land should have been created long ago.Instead of encouraging vendors the government should be encouraging the growth of small manufacturers, and supporting home based and small scale manufacturing to reduce the import bill and keep the money circulating locally. Attempts have been made to hand over farming implements maybe its time to source manufacturing implements and encourage industrial growth. It is folly to believe we can produce raw materials as an economy and survive as we all know the money is in the processed and manufactured goods.

Ministers still drive the latest German not Chinese or eastern cars, very expensive things but there would be no benefit lost if they drove old luxurious cars for those cars would really represent the state of the economy. There is a huge misalignment of goals and the people that serve in government do it mainly for personal gain rather than to serve the people. If the government was to forgo being a source of wealth and ostentatious living then maybe better services will be provided but the cost of governance always outweighs the benefits to the governed as the first priority of those in power is to feed themselves and their kin, hence national planes get jacked to pick up first grandsons at a high cost. If ministers where to let go of some of their benefits money would be available to build greenhouses, water pumps, drill borehole, buy books etc but our money goes into the pockets of the ruling class first.  Even the strong army could be used to engage in public service activities, instead of being a threat to the populace to keep them in check. I have seen armies build bridges, roads, schools and the like in disaster zones. We are in a disaster now they must do that instead of being organised  for dubious voter intimidation tactics like the famed operation tovheterapapi.

The problems bedeviling Zimbabwe are not from an external source. They stem from a government who are very good at crafting laws to stop effects rather than implementing proper structures. The day self-serving people will stop kneeling at the altar of power and stealing away resources is the day Zimbabwe can recover. As long as people know that by professing loyalty to the president and party they can be as incompetent and corrupt as they can be then we will have the same situation over and over again. Patriotism is not loyalty to one man or one party. Patriotism is serving the people of Zimbabwe not seeing the people as wheels of a gravy train. One day when we really count the millions that have succumbed to hunger, disease through the ineptitude of this government we will ask ourselves where we really in a peaceful state. History will tell us that the ones who were governing were really not fit to hold their positions because to be unable to halt a decline for sixteen yes is abject failure.